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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1How can I register and submit the resume in the BMS website?
  • A1The "Build My CV" tool will guide you through the process of building and uploading your resume.
  • Q2Are there any charges for the registration?
  • A2No. Our services are absolutely free.
  • Q3Can I update my resume once I submit it?
  • A3All resumes are maintained in real-time and you may update as many times as you wish. Your last updated version will always be available online. The date a resume is created and its last update is included in the upper right hand on all our resumes automatically using a customized system tool. This will allow you to see your last saved copy. The BMS system will generate a reference number for every resume created with the “Build My CV” tool. This will be used as a point of reference for all record updates, searches, and selections.
  • Q4What kinds of privacy protections do you offer?
  • A4BMS will only publish a certain portion of your resume. Certain information – like contact and personal information, will only be released to prospective employers during the hiring process.
  • Q5Do I need to upload scanned copies of my certificates & qualifications in my resume?
  • A5No. We will request these copies when a selection has been made and verification is needed to validate your resume.
  • Q6Can I send you my own format of CV to be uploaded to the BMS CV Centre?
  • A6Yes. However, we do not take responsibility for any errors and/or omissions made during the process of building your resume through our organization. A validation notice will be sent to your given email address for further authentication.
  • Q7Once I upload my resume to the BMS CV Centre, how long will it be there?
  • A7 Your resume will be stored for a minimum of 12 months from the date it was created. A validation process will be initiated to keep all resumes updated through regular email updates. If your resume remains inactive (not updated) for 12 consecutive months, your CV account will be automatically de-activated. You will need to contact BMS to re-activate your account.
  • Q8What happens to my resume after I’ve found a position?
  • A8 Candidates placed through BMS will be removed from the BMS CV Centre search tool. Further publishing will be on a case-to-case basis to protect the common interest and maintain a good business ethics and relationship with all parties involved. Candidates can still continue to update their CVs during this period.
  • Q9How can I de-activate my account?
  • A9To de-activate your account and remove your resume from our database, simply send a written request to BMS Administrator. We would welcome suggestions and comments prior to your exit from our database.
  • Q10Can I apply for a job through the BMS website?
  • A10All candidates are allowed to respond to job advertisement on our BMS Jobs Bulletin directly. To apply for a position, simply login and use the Reference Number for the posting you’d like to apply for. If you’re new to BMS, you’ll need to set up an account first.
  • Q11How will I know if my CV is being considered/selected by a prospective employer?
  • A11You’ll be notified via email when your resume; has been selected by a prospective employer.