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Staff Secondment Services

Staff Secondment ServicesOur comprehensive one-stop Staff Secondment Services helps you mobilize project staff when and where you need. You will get the best team working for you through us and we will ensure payments are promptly remitted on all wages, medical and liability insurances, and benefits. Our simple and transparent billing system will further help you to plan the project financials without any hidden costs.


Contract Managed Staffing

Contract Managed StaffingOur Contract Managed Staffing solutions is another avenue that you can explore during times of budget and logistics constraints, or you may even use this service to hire someone on an external contract until you are ready to absorb the talent permanently to complement your corporate culture. We can manage the payroll and benefits that you want to extend to such hires through us for a small fee.


Permanent Placements

Permanent PlacementsAdding the right staff to your existing team is a very challenging affair. Unlike many other recruiters, our emphasis on first understanding; the Client & Candidate, often yields a win-win situation for all when the right candidate is matched to the right job!

Project Staffing Solutions